Why Recycling Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolution’s vary from person to person, some may even have more than one– some vow to lose weight, others pledge to give up alcohol. We’re here to be the bearers of bad news. The reason why New Year’s Resolutions don’t stick is that although the good intention is there, but not for long. 

The only way to make a New Year’s Resolution stick is to focus on turning it into a habit. If you haven’t chosen your resolution yet, or you’re looking for another one to have under your belt, recycling should be your New Year’s Resolution for 2019– and here’s why:

Recycling Not Only Helps The Planet– It Helps Everyone!

We know what you’re thinking: “A New Year’s Resolution is supposed to benefit ME.” Don’t be selfish, think bigger this year! Recycling helps the earth you, and many others, call home. Choosing to recycle benefits billions of people, animals, and other creatures that inhabit the earth. Not only are you helping those who call the earth home now, but you’re also helping future generations– your children, and your children’s children! If habits don’t change, life will become unsustainable. There is still time to save the planet! And besides, doing something good for the earth is grounds for instant-gratification!


Do Good For The Earth… And Make Money Doing It!

Along with the gratification that comes along with recycling, and the many obvious benefits it has regarding the planet, you can also make some extra cash by recycling items you’d be throwing to waste anyways. Plus, the New Year always comes with an incentive for people to clean up and clear out! There are many local recyclers that pay cash for plastic bottles, aluminum cans, cardboard boxes, and more! Sure, it’s not winning the lottery, but making a few extra bucks to save the planet is enough for us!

It’s EASY!

You could give us a million and one excuses as to why you don’t recycle, but we could give you ONE reason as to why you should– it’s EASY. So many resolutions are such a time commitment and something that is often not followed through. Recycling is not simply a resolution. Making recycling your resolution allows it to become a habit. You don’t have to join a gym, start a juice cleanse, or give up your favorite midnight snack to participate. All you need is a recycling bin, or simply a bin that recycling can be separated in. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t follow through with resolutions, recycling is the answer to your problem. 

Make 2019 all about holding yourself, and others, accountable. Let’s turn the well-meaning intention of recycling into a habit. And don’t forget, you can turn your unwanted paper & envelopes into profit. Visit BrokenCartons.com to learn more.

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