What is BrokenCartons?

BrokenCartons has its roots deeply planted in the paper, printing and recycling industries since the late 60’s. After years of struggling with the difficulties of purchasing small quantities of paper and envelopes, we decided a better solution was needed.

Printing papers are usually sold in “full cartons” only. If a job requires a small amount or “broken carton“, you may still have to buy a full carton and run the risk of leftovers sitting on the shelve. When forced to purchase more paper than you need, what do you do with your overstock?

BrokenCartons makes business better by helping members BUY & SELL discounted paper & envelopes, packaging & supplies, parts & equipment and much more. Our strong supplier relationships and growing membership enables us to provide the best products at the best prices.

Pairing our services with respected industry experts provides even greater value to our members. These partnerships allow us to offer the most in-depth and diverse portfolio of products and services within the industry.

Since BrokenCartons works closely with printers, paper merchants and recycling companies, you’ll find what you need when you need it. BrokenCartons accepts products commonly used in Commercial & Graphic Arts, Offset & Digital Printing, Large-Format, Packaging and many other industries.

OUR MISSION is to provide members access to discounted paper related products using a co-operative model.

OUR PURPOSE is to fulfill our members “Buying or Selling” needs and enhance their competitive position.

OUR GOAL is to drive meaningful change within the paper and printing industry using a sustainable model.

So why choose BrokenCartons? You’ll benefit from our COOPERATIVE PLATFORMINTERNATIONAL REACH, and SIGNIFICANT MARKETING BUDGET to promote your products and services.


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