True or False: Only Recycled Paper Should Be Used…

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There are many myths and facts behind the whole “recycled paper” trend. Some say that recycled paper is the only type of paper that should be used. Others stand with the opposing side, arguing that recycling paper requires much more energy to make than it does making regular paper. We’re here to give you the truth, and the lies!

1. True of false: Making recycled paper requires more energy than it does to make non-recycled paper.

Answer: False

Right off the bat, you may think that this is true. If you look at the paper making process alone, making paper from waste paper requires a bit more energy than it does to make paper from trees. However, this is because waste paper comes from pulp, not trees– and pulp does require a bit extra cleaning. However, if we take into consideration the amount of energy turning wood chips into pulp requires, making recycled paper uses 50% less energy than using trees!

2. True of false: Making recycled paper causes more pollution than making non-recycled paper.

Answer: False

Making recycled paper requires 50% less energy, water, and chemicals than making non-recycled paper does, and it also reduces emissions. Pulping paper, bleaching it, and manufacturing it overall requires much more chemicals and is often much more polluting than it does to make recycled paper.

3. True of false: Trees are a renewable resource, therefore, using them to make paper is not harmful

Answer: True and False

Provided that trees are grown in a sustainable environment, and in an ecologically responsible way, trees have the ability to be a valuable source of raw material for making paper. Using fertilizers and other chemicals when growing trees as a “cash crop” damage the environment, and make the use of trees for paper-making harmful.

4. True of false: Recycled paper is always poor quality.

Answer: False

Thanks to technology, the quality of recycled paper has most definitely improved over the last few decades. Recycled paper is often distinguishable from non-recycled paper, however the quality of the paper always depends on the type of paper, the handling and care of the paper, and what sort of inks the printer uses on the paper. Whether you’re purchasing recycled paper or non-recycled paper, is the way to go for all of your paper needs. No matter the quantity, BrokenCartons has your back!

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