Why everyone should stick with a paper planner

The Google Calendar, Reminders Application, along with the many other websites and applications that can be used to help you plan your day can be very useful. Along with that, not having to worry about carrying around a paper planner everywhere seems to make life sound much easier. However, did you ever think about trading in your smartphone applications for an actual paper planner?

When smartphones weren’t a thing, paper planners were so in. Writing down you weekly activities, meetings, dinner dates and so on was the thing to do. Along with that, many people weren’t shy with getting creative in their planners, adding doodles and sketches to the pages to make their planners more exciting. With the rise of smartphone popularity only increasing as the days go on, paper planners are slowly fading from existence. However, there are many benefits to using a paper planner that a smartphone may not give you– even though it seems much more quick and convenient to type out your plans and input the time and date to receive a reminder when needed. As convenient as a digital planner is,  don’t believe what anyone tells you– planners are NOT obsolete.

1. The Act of Writing Helps You To Remember

There have been a number of studies done proving that the act of writing things down allows you to remember and learn things much more efficiently than typing them out. Whether it’s writing out your weekly schedule, or writing down meetings or dinner dates you can’t forget to attend, you are more likely to remember where you have to be and when if you write it down, rather than type it. As convenient as a reminder that pops up on your phone seems, not having to depend on your smartphone for one less thing seems enticing, doesn’t it?

2.  Your Planner Can Turn Into Your Journal

Keeping digital record of your life, whether it be an online journal, a website, or a blog often has a lot of upkeep. Along with that, if your computer crashes, or somehow you lose all of the beloved information stored on your computer, smartphone and/or other digital device, you’ll be saying bye-bye to all of your memories! Using a planner is not only beneficial to remembering where to go and what to do when, it’s also helpful for those who are stressed, anxious, or just enjoy journaling in general. Writing down how you feel, or how simply your day went allows you to blow some steam in a healthy way. Use pages in your planner to write about your day: jot down a sentence highlighting the day, track your water intake, caloric intake, and log your exercise, create a mood board and write how you’re feeling everyday, etc, etc, etc. The options are endless! Journaling just isn’t the same on your phone…So pick up your planner and get to writing!

3. Everything Is Just As Accessible

In a generation full of smartphones, smart tv’s, and even smart homes, having our devices on us at all times is almost a must for most of us. However, carrying around paper planner makes things just as accessible, if not more accessible, than depending on your smartphone to remind you when to do what. Sure, your calendar app can show you what you have to do on what days, but you can’t exactly see every single little thing at once. With a paper planner, you are able to look at your weekly/monthly schedule, along with your to-do list, and any other list that you made in your planner! If you’re thinking of something you need, or something you need to do, open up your planner and write it down! You don’t have to worry about doing anything technical, or worse, your phone dying. Using a paper planner can save you the trouble of having to invest in or carry around a portable charger everywhere. Instead, use your smartphone for the simple things– texting, phone calls, internet, etc. Along with that, whether you’re in the office or at home, your planner can sit in front of you every single day– there’s no escaping it!

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