Paper Airplanes

paper-airplaneThere is not much history on the origin of paper airplanes, and to this day it still remains a mystery as to where they originated from. However, we could assume that the idea of the paper airplane might have come from the first pages of papyrus being thrown around. Though, it is almost impossible to pinpoint the exact date that the first paper airplane was constructed, or even flown.

Kites originated in China about 200 years ago, and soon became the first sort of gadgets that used paper– and were able to fly! Early hot air balloons and basic balloons that were made in the late 1700’s were made using paper, as well.

Although the true history of the paper airplane remains a mystery, the origin of the paper airplane can be pointed back to the earliest reference of one, by Jack Northrop. Jack Northrop was an American aircraft industrialist and designer, who used the crafting of a paper airplane to help shape ideas for flying wing airplanes.

Looking at this in the bigger picture, Northrop’s use of the paper airplane model’s he created helped him create a corporation, later named the Lockheed Corporation. This corporation eventually led to the creation of the B-2 stealth bomber.

The use of the paper airplane to create a model for real aircraft’s is fascinating. We can thank the development of the paper airplane for the improvements in real winged airplanes, including but not limited to velocity, performance, security, style, and fashion.

Envisioning the development of a true winged airplane by the creation of something as little as a paper airplane doesn’t sound too settling. Although technology has made the design and development of airplanes much easier, knowing that they may have originated from an origami art seems almost impossible! However, the creation of the paper airplane continues to gain great respect and sophistication as years pass.

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