Your Everyday ​Earth Day Checklist

Earth Day reminds me of the New Year.

Every year on Earth Day, articles begin appearing in your inbox and ads on your browser, reciting facts about how much plastic harms the planet, why you should take shorter showers, and what you can do to help.

Similar to January 1st of every year, every year on Earth Day, another article seems to be an incentive for people to begin recycling, reusing, and taking more care of their planet than ever before.

However, just as fast as our “new year, new me” resolutions are set is just as fast as they begin to fade away– and the same goes for Earth Day.

Second to our bodies, the earth is our home. And taking care of it should be top priority.

Taking action to better our planet is easier than you may think.

Below are a list of ways that you can help out both at home and outside of your home to help reduce waste, reuse, and recycle.

At Home

  1. Start Composting
  2. Turn Off the Lights When You’re Not in a Room
  3. Turn Off the Water When You’re Brushing Your Teeth
  4. Use Glass Over Plastic
  5. Decrease Shower Time
  6. Skip The Dryer and Air Dry Clothes
  7. Use Energy Efficient Appliances
  8. Switch to LED Light Bulbs
  9. Opt-Out of Paper Bank Statments– Go Paperless!
  10. Recycle Mail, Newspapers, Magazines, Paper, and Cardboard
  11. Shop For Groceries in Bulk
  12. Use Cold Water When Showering and/or Doing Laundry
  13. Try Eating Less Meat (Maybe Commit to Meatless Monday!)
  14. Use Reusable Products Rather Than Disposable

Outside of the Home

  1. Go Outside More!
  2. Bike, Walk, Use Public Transportation, or Carpool to Get to Work and Other Errands and/or Appointments
  3. Invest in Reusable Shopping Bags
  4. Buy More Organic Food and Products
  5. Start a Garden
  6. Plant a Tree
  7. Pick Up Litter and Dispose of Trash Properly
  8. Eliminate the Use of Pesticides in Your Yard
  9. Use Push Lawn Mowers
  10. Create Homes for Birds and Other Animals in Your Yard
  11. Organize Appointments and Errands to Minimize the Number of Days that Require Transportation
  12. Drive Slower and Be More Gentle with Your Brakes
  13. Shop at Thrift Stores and Donate Articles of Clothing That You No Longer Wear and/or No Longer Fit

And, while we may be in an ever-growing age of technology, sometimes going paperless seems almost impossible.

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