10 Paper Saving Tips


Who doesn’t like to save money? In everyday expenses, sometimes it’s hard to save money on things you need in your everyday life. There are many ways to save money not only when purchasing paper, but also when storing it, printing it, recycling it, and disposing it. Every little tip below adds up over time, so why not start reducing paper consumption today? Here are some of the best ways to save money and paper– at the same time!

1. Shift To Lightweight Paper

Thick paper feels great, and looks even better. However, shifting to a much more lightweight paper, compared to constantly using card stock, will not only save you money, but also save you space. Although some projects do look and feel better on a heavier paper, sticking to lighter paper is more beneficial to not only the environment, but also your pockets!

2. Think Before You Print

You read correct– think before you print. Before printing something, at home or anywhere else, ask yourself; “Is printing a copy of this necessary?”

Consider what you will be using this hard copy for, how long you will be using it for, and what you will do with it when you’re done. Will you forget about this next week? Or are you going to store it for safe keeping, and look back at it when needed? Save money and space by printing less of the things you don’t need. Always print responsibly.

3. Take Advantage Of Technology

In today’s digital age, technology is constantly advancing, and only becoming much more accessible and easy to use for almost everyone. Take advantage of the digital, paperless world when typing up documents, storing information, and organizing important things in your life. Using technology such as online forums, cloud storage, and management softwares will not only save you money, but also allow you to work much more efficiently, and live a more productive, organized life.

4. Double-sided? Yes Please!

When the preview for your soon-to-be printed document pops up, click “Print Double-Sided.” Automatically, you are reducing your paper consumption by half. Paper that is printed double-sided can also be recycled for cash, earning you some extra cash in your pocket!

5. Small Margins & Even Smaller Font 

Small margins and small font sizes automatically save you space on your document. Cutting your margins down will allow you to fit more on a single page, along with changing the size of your font. With a smaller, more simpler font, the information on your document will look much more clean and clear, and also allow you to fit more information on a single page.

6. Review Before Printing

Your computer doesn’t ask you multiple times if you’d like to print something for no reason. The preview option before printing is there for a reason– so take advantage of it! Prior to printing your document, proof read it, check for spelling or layout errors, and even make adjustments where you see necessary. Not only will you be saving money and paper, you will also be saving ink, energy, and time, rather than re-printing the same document over and over again until it’s perfect.

7. Print Black And White

Although some projects do look better in color, black and white doesn’t look too bad either! Printing in black and white saves you ink, and money. When printing out documents that you know you wont use for too long, or simple just a document to remember something, using the black and white setting will save you ink and toner in the long run.

8. Recycle Old Paper

Have a bunch of old documents sitting around the house? Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Rather than simply throwing away your old documents and flyers sitting around the house, recycle all of your paper in a specific bin or bag that can be kept in your house. Not only are you saving paper, but you’re also saving space.

9. Reuse Old Paper

Have some old documents with a blank side? Re-use this paper when printing up new documents. You will not only be saving money, but also space, ink and energy. Rather than printing on a brand new, blank sheet of paper, save yourself some money by using your old documents to print out new ones.

10. Join BrokenCartons.com

Paper is usually sold in ”full cartons.” When a job requires a small amount of a certain paper, or a “broken carton,” you may get stuck buying an entire carton. However, with BrokenCartons.com, members are able to buy and sell discounted paper, envelopes, packaging, and more– in big or small quantities. Start saving money on BrokenCartons.com today!


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