BrokenCartons® Brand White Wove 24 lb. #7 Commercial OSDS Envelopes 500 per Box

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Commercial Envelopes are frequently specified for a wide variety of business and personal correspondence purposes such as letterheads, invoices, statements, checks, stationery, and direct marketing. These envelopes are open side, have diagonal seams, and feature deep, sharply dropping shoulders, which offer a larger corner card printing area. This makes them ideally suited for machine insertion, laser, and postal applications. Standard commercial envelope sizes are listed below.
Supplier Sku 475-8901015
Color White
Finish Wove
Basis Weight 24 lb.
Envelope Type No. 7 Commercial
Envelope Size 3.75 x 6.75 in.
Envelope Class Business Envelopes
Envelope Style Open-Side Diagonal-Seam
Features Made in USA
Certifications Made in USA
Product Condition New
Quantity (per unit) 500 Envelopes per Box
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