Mohawk® Springhill Colors Goldenrod Smooth 60 lb. Text No. 10 Envelopes 500 per Box

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Springhill Wove envelopes are offered in eight pastel shades to attract attention, support an identity and increase response rates. The envelopes match the Springhill Opaque color paper line for ease in coordinating printed communications. Springhill envelopes are converted by Mohawk to stringent specifications—ensuring trouble-free inserting on a wide range of equipment. Ideal for direct mail, financial mailings, retail, greeting cards and business announcements.
Supplier Sku M29016
Mill Mohawk Paper
Brand Springhill Colors
Color Goldenrod
Finish Smooth
Basis Weight 60 lb.
Envelope Type No. 10 Commercial
Envelope Size 4.125 x 9.5 in.
Envelope Class Business Envelopes
Envelope Style Commercial Envelopes
Features 30% Recycled
Certifications Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)
Cotton Percentage No Cotton Content
Product Condition New
Quantity (per unit) 500 Envelopes per Box
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