Just Feed Universal' Envelope Feed System for Printing Presses

FOR: GTO/PM/SM 52 & GTO/QM46 Presses
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Do you print envelopes? If so, then you know about the problems they present if you don't have a tool to assist the feeding and delivery of envelopes. Perhaps you send the printing of envelopes outside because of their 'nuisance value', or maybe you struggle on with placing wedges on the feedboard and adjusting them every few seconds as the printed envelopes pile up in the delivery. If you would rather keep doing your own envelopes or bring them back in-house, there is a simple solution. No need for wedges as JUSTFEED keeps envelopes flat and horizontal to the lifting suckers which improves register accuracy. Now you can load a full box of envelopes in the feeder and run at high speed with minimal misfeeds saving time and money. JUSTFEED has many advantages over an automated system, it works with mechanical springs that use the machine's feedboard and suckers so there are no additional energy costs, setup time is minimal, and the unit is a fraction of the cost of an automated device. Check out the YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlY_XKLSfZw
Make JustFeed
Model No. Universal
Type Envelope Feeding System
Features GTO/PM/SM 52 & GTO/QM46
Product Condition NEW
Quantity (per unit) 1 SET
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