The best ideas don’t always have to start on a napkin…

A frivolous conversation lead to what seemed to be some unimportant scribbling on a small, torn piece of mango paper, which soon provoked a remarkable idea; Broken Cartons. With the importance of social media nowadays, and the “Buy & Sell” market rapidly becoming more popular, there must be some way for it to benefit everyone, including printers. After years of struggling with purchasing specific quantities of particular papers, envelopes, letterheads, and more, it was time for a solution to be made. So we thought “What if?”. What if there was a way to purchase certain amounts of a desired paper without having to invest in a whole carton? What if all of this left over paper from small and/or past jobs could turn into profit? What if as printers and other businesses, we did not have to waste paper any longer? With that, Broken Cartons was created. Broken Cartons is a way to simplify the process of buying and selling paper using the very popular Buy & Sell market. And better yet, it can be done directly from the comfort of your own home or business. All it takes is a few minutes to set up an account using our user friendly portal, and just a few more to create a product list and upload images. Before you know it you’re buying and selling paper! Maybe you are looking for a few sheets of that thick card stock paper for only a few business cards? Or maybe you have some left over magenta printer paper from those flyers you made back in 2010. Broken Cartons gives you easy access to buying the paper  that you need, or selling the paper that you have. The goal of Broken Cartons is to have a meaningful impact in the paper, printing, and recycling industries and provide members with the opportunity to access as much discounted paper as they please. With our easy to use website, you’ll be making profit in no time. So sign up today! Because hey, maybe great idea’s don’t always have to start on a napkin. Sometimes, all it takes is a little piece of mango paper!

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